Work with is proud to announce its collaboration with BEFM 90.5 MHZ, Busan’s English language radio station. ‘On the Road Busan’, a daily show, will host our segment on Fridays at 10:15 am. Every week I will visit a restaurant, and offer an honest, insightful, and fun appraisal of the establishment, along with commentary on the food, drink and athmosphere. It’s going to be fantastic! is committed to providing reliable, impartial information for the wide variety of restaurants available in our fair city. Since I started the site in early 2016, it has rapidly gained a large following, and I currently get over 500 visits within 24 hours of posting a new restaurant review. The majority of which come from the local Busan community. Within a few days the views for each new post stand at over 1000. There are several ways you can connect with

Sponsored Post –If you are the owner of a restaurant, old or new, and would like some exposure in the community, you can sponsor me to visit and publish a review. I will only publish reviews from sponsored restaurants I truly stand behind, to maintain the integrity of the site.

Articles – If you are involved with any local publication, I would be interested in working with you to help expand and promote the local culinary scene in Busan

If interested in the above, please contact me on:


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